Red Label Women's Ultralite Tracker - Black with Black


The CVS Women's UltraLite Tracker shoe is designed for extreme comfort and a professional look. The women's UltraLite Tracker is perfect for anyone on their feet for long periods of time, including culinary and medical professionals, service industry workers, and retail clerks. This women's work shoe features clean, professional styling designed to prevent heel-strike impact and to help secure feet against foot rolling (Pronation and Supination).

  • CVS logo on strap
  • Highly durable, slip resistant Tracker outsole
  • Non-marking
  • Extra comfort insoles
  • Low heel impact
  • Excellent arch support
  • Will work with orthotics
  • Ultra soft
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent comfort for extended wear on hard floors

The Tracker outsole scored an impressive 0.46 in the Brungraber Mark II Slip Test on a greasy/wet surface ヨ one of the highest recorded scores.

Dawgs combines ultimate slip resistance with ultra comfort ヨ so order yours now and gain the Dawgs advantage.

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